From Pit to Palace

ATP Industries Group Ltd. to win the most prestigious UK Business Award

ATP Industries Group Ltd., has been awarded a 2016 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category.

The award was made for “having demonstrated substantially improved performance, via outstanding innovation, over a 2 year period.”

ATP won the prestigious accolade for developing a highly complex and technically advanced transmission test suite that permits the precise validation and calibration of the electronic, hydraulic, and mechanical and software functions of the product. This ensures that the high quality levels expected by OEM customers are consistently achieved and this in turn increases productivity and customer satisfaction as well as reducing potential warranty costs.

Chairman Alan Smart commented “We are extremely proud of this accolade and believe ATP is a shining example that innovation in the UK remanufacturing sector is supporting growing local and international trade, thus creating skilled jobs and allowing the business to develop year on year. We offer a complete technical service for all our OEM clients and have invested heavily in product validation as part of our standard processes.”

“In 2011 when we moved into our new facility in Cannock Wood, the site of a former coal mine and brickworks, we undertook a mission to turn ATP into a world class remanufacturing business and innovation in all areas is seen as key to the success of that mission.”

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is the highest award that can be given to any UK business and recognises a company’s contribution in the fields of the UK economy or technology but also considers its role within the local community, environmental impact and the quality of its relationships with suppliers, partners, employees and customers.

The company works with multiple advanced technologies and has over 45 years of expertise in transmission remanufacture and particularly reverse engineering which allows a product life to be extended, thus making remanufacturing the ultimate in the green or circular economy, typically consuming 88% less raw material, producing 53% less CO2 and using 56% less energy than an equivalent new product.

It is widely recognised that in F1 if you don’t innovate a team will go backwards on the grid and ATP has adopted this forward looking strategy to maintain its position as Europe’s leading independent remanufacturer of transmissions.

To underline this commitment, ATP has also recently commissioned 2 state of the art Durr cleaning machines which are self-contained and with minimal external discharge, resulting in the virtual elimination of over 300000 litres of effluent discharge per year as well as realising significant process and quality improvements.

The fact that long standing clients include globally recognised names such as Ford, Volvo, Chrysler, Land Rover, Aston Martin and JCB, (another 2016 QA winner) speaks for itself, along with recent business and industry awards such as the ReMaTec Remanufacturer of the Year in 2013, another first for an independent UK company.